Overview and aims

RADICALS is a large clinical trial which is taking place in the UK, Canada, Denmark and the Republic of Ireland at the moment. It is a phase III randomised controlled trial that will recruit approximately 3000 men to help answer two important questions for men who have had surgery for prostate cancer:

  • Which is the best way to use radiotherapy after surgery?
  • Which is the best way to use hormone treatment with any radiotherapy given after surgery

In breast cancer, surgery is followed by radiotherapy and hormone treatment, because the combination is better than surgery alone. In prostate cancer, surgery alone is a standard treatment, and we are not sure how best to use radiotherapy and hormone treatment after surgery.

The trial may be suitable at some point for most men who have a radical prostatectomy.

There are two parts to the study: the Radiotherapy Timing Comparison and the Hormone Duration Comparison.

RADICALS may be suitable both for:

  • men who need radiotherapy at some point after their operation
  • men for whom the doctors aren’t sure whether radiotherapy is needed after the operation

Men who need radiotherapy after their operation can enter into the Hormone Duration Comparison of RADICALS.

Men for whom there is uncertainty about whether radiotherapy is needed straight after the operation can join the Radiotherapy Timing Comparison. If they wish to, they can also join the Hormone Duration Comparison.

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